january, 2022

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What if Elijah had given up on the fifth time he had prayed for rain?
What if Jesus would have prayed only once in the Garden of Gethsemane instead of three times?
What if the world is not needing more instant solutions, but people wo can stay in prayer?

Because Hezekiah prayed, his health recovered.
Because Naomi prayed, her dead end was redeemed.
Because Job prayed, his health and prosperity were restored.
Because Jesus prayed, Lazarus resurrected.

The Lord is a God of resurgence.
He brings back the lost,
He restores the wasted years,
He lifts out prisoners from the pit,
He gives back vision to the blind,
All when we pray.

And that’s why we are focusing on prayer this month.
– We will focus on prayer every Sunday together.
– we will pray for one week every day from the 23.1.- 30.1.2
– and we will gather to pray and worship on the 26.1.22.

Anything you have lost, anything you need restored, redeemed, recovered, God can bring it back.

That’s why we pray this January 2022.


january 23 (Sunday) - 30 (Sunday)